[Another] Woodard Weekend Wrap-Up

I have been anticipating this weekend for weeks.  And I am sad to see it gone so quickly.  But isn’t how we feel most Sunday nights or most Monday mornings when the dreadful sound of the alarm goes off before you are ready to pull yourself out of bed and start another week?

Anyways… More about the highly anticipated and wonderfully spend weekend!

  1. My parents came and stayed in Vermillion. After living here for over a year, my parents finally made it to our home and life in Vermillion.  I was planning the day the would come for month – thinking through all the places I would take them, what we would eat, and all the things we would do.  I took them to Mr. Smith’s, a bakery and sandwich shop in an ACE hardware store for lunch.  We were inspired for holiday and home decor at Wilson’s Florist – a floral shop, gift shop, with a little boutique.  Then we went to Cafe Brule for a warm cup of coffee, more specifically a roasted marshmallow latte.
  2. A Weekend of Volleyball.  My parents visit was planned around a tournament my sister was playing in NE.  So part of Friday and ALL of Saturday we cheered on Sami and the Knights.  I was so glad I finally got to watch her play at the college level and meet her team.  #Welove#7
  3. More Fall Decor.  A visit with my parents is alway accompanied with their generosity and gift.  Check out these cute pumpkins my mom made for fall decorations. [Maybe you want one too…]
  4. 3 tests in 9 days.  David has been dedicated to his books and notes.  I now think his iPad is attached to his hand.  We keep reminding each other that the next 9 days are going to be rough, but after that he’ll have a week off with zero school obligations!