A Month of Thanksgiving: gifts here, there, & everywhere

Since I am just a few many days behind in my month of Thanksgiving challenge (prompts can be found here), I decided to post one gift from November 7 to November 14.

November 7, a gift from my window

My African Violet just started blooming last week.  I have had this beauty for over a year and I just couldn’t get it to bloom.  What a joyful surprise when I looked up from the bubbles in my sink, to see little buds start to take life.

November 8, a gift sweet, salty, and sipped

Umm, can you say pumpkin spiced latte or salted caramel latte?

November 9, a gift of harvest

The love my brother has for farming and working with his hands.  He is one of the hardest working men I know.  I’m thankful for the work he puts in for a good harvest.

November 10, a gift found in Bible reading 

I love it when God has pointed me to a verse or passage that I’ve read before, but the Holy Spirit brings forth new insights or new application into my life.

November 11, a gift of remembrance 

I’m so thankful for the beautiful stone that was put in place in memory of my mother-in-law early last month.  So many of her close friends gathered around sharing their favorite memories of Jo.  I am so thankful for their stories and how their lives have been touch by one very inspirational lady.

November 12, a gift at noon

Having a dark Dove chocolate treat after lunch.

November 13, a gift behind a door

Opening the mailbox to find birthday cards!

November 14, a silent gift

White snow falling late at night.




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