Woodard Weekend Wrap-Up

A Woodard Weekend Wrap-Up is farrrr over due.  So I will post about two weekends in one.

Last weekend and this weekend has been some of the best.  David has been able to take off one night of studying (soon to change with upcoming Mid-Terms + Foundations 1 Exam).  We learned the hard way,  that these nights off need to be planned and intentional or we’ll both walk away feeling robbed of our date night.  For example, watching a movie at our house for a date is code for “Tanya will fall asleep within the first twenty minutes”.  And that equates to zero quality time.

  1. A “hawt’ date.  Last weekend David and I went out for dinner for our favorite food, Mexican!   It was a much needed dinner after two grueling weeks of studying.
  2. Our second trip to Ponca.  We first went to Ponca part over Easter when David’s dad came to Vermillion.  The trees were still bare, but the State Park was beautiful and a place we wanted to visit again.  Since we never made it over the summer, an early fall hike was in order to take in the vibrant colors fall colors and enjoy the minimal days of sunshine left.
  3. A watercoloring workshop. The Vermillion Public Library partnered with the Vermillion Arts Council to host monthly art workshops.  This month just so happened to be watercoloring!  I learned some basic techniques and must have supplies.  Two hours was not enough time to learn + create a piece of art.  I’m thinking Talens Watercolor Set will be on my birthday/ Christmas list this year.
  4. Campfire, Beef Hotdogs, Apple Cider, and Good Company.  Saturday night, David and I drove to Yankton to meet some friends who were squeezing in one last camping trip for dinner.  We filled ourselves with vegis + hummas, watermelon, and beef dogs.

As a side note, I did document 3 out of 4 of theses happenings…Hooray for setting goals!



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