October Goals

My housemate, turned roommate, turned friend (a story for another post) + blogging pal Lindsay at Martin Marriage Chronicles introduce me to many blogs that I make sure I visit as I eat my scrambled eggs and coffee before work.  One of them being Oak&Oats.  After faithfully reading this blog for a month, I was encouraged by her monthly goal setting + overview of her month.  I decided to follow suit – making a list of my own monthly goals.

Too often I have these rambling thoughts of things I want to try or projects that need to get done, but they never go beyond the ramblings or daydreams.  Largely due to the fact that I never write them down, thus have no accountability.

So here it goes to making my month a little more memorable, purposeful, and practical.


1. Take more pictures.  I am so bad at taking pictures to capture special moments.  Or pictures that offer a snap shot into everyday life.  You would think it would be easy since my camera is on my smartphone.  Not. The. Case.  I want to document as least one picture a week for the month of October.  My real goal is to be really, really good at taking picture to start LifeProject.

2. Find a creative outlet. I am aching for a creative outlet of some sort.  Scrolling through Pinterest only makes the desire burn brighter.  Any ideas of what I could try?  I’m needing something that is easy on a budget.  Maybe watercoloring, calligraphy, knitting, etc.

3. Blog more.  I haven’t figured out what is realistic goal for blogging.  I either set the expectation to blog more too high or I quickly start second guessing myself on my post topics.  I have yet to finish my 30 Days of Gratitude, maybe I’ll start there..

4. “Have coffee” with a new friend.  My biggest let-down living in Vermillion, which is home to a University is the lack of coffee shops to hang out in with a friend.  The coffee shops here are even less ideal for a good study session.  Going to college in Boulder and working with the Navs at Wyoming, I loved trying to coffee shops and exploring them with friends.  So I’ve had to think outside the box–Where can I hang out with new friends?  What can I do with new friends?  I want to ask either a woman from my church or someone I meet at the gym “out for coffee”.

5. Organize my closet.  Another one of my favorite blogs to keep up on is un-fancy.  It is one of the best fashion blogs I have read and feel as though I can accomplish some of the concepts she does in my own wardrobe and lifestyle.  I would love to go through my closest, throwing things away + making room for new fall clothes.

What are some of your October goals?


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