three pumpkins

One thing that I absolutely love about the Fall and upcoming holidays is the opportunity to be creative in decorating my home.     I find so much joy and expression when I pull out my decorations and rearrange knick knacks and furniture to house the seasonal decor.

Here are a few ways I’ve decorated for the Fall season + things I’m loving about Fall decor and accents in the home AND a free giveaway!

  1. Use scented candles. When the first day of fall hit, I pull out my fall Scentsy scents.  The scents of Fall are warm reminding our senses of grandma’s apple pie.  When choosing a candle or scent, it should reflect the mood of the season.  My current scents are Vanilla Suede + Apple Strudel.
  2. Add fall color.  Adding the fall color – red, orange, gold – can be done in various ways.  An arrangement of silk flowers can add color and texture.  Or if you are having company over, why not place a fresh bouquet of flowers as a table centerpiece.  Some popular fall blooms are Dahlias and Mums. Add more Fall colors to your home with fall dish towels and throw pillows + blankets.
  3. Decorate with popular fall objects.  Pumpkins, squash, candy corn, wreaths all scream FALL.  You can choose to buy real pumpkins or set aside a candy dish of candy corn.  You can pull a bowl out  or find a basket and fill it with squash + gourds.  Decorating with anything that represents “harvest” will add to the fall theme.  Or fill your home with DIY fall art.

    fall3 fall2

three pumpkins – a free giveaway

*This post + giveaway is supported by Countryside Greenhouse.

As seen here, I decorated with pumpkins handmade by my mom [Dian Morgan], founder + florist, at Countryside Greenhouse.  To announce an exciting new venture of seasonal decor and floral design, Countryside Green and Blissfully Sweet Blog have partnered together for a free giveaway.  To be entered into the drawing, go to the Countryside Greenhouse Facebook Page and “Like”.  Once 50 people “like”, a drawing will be held.

What are some ways you have decorated your home for the Fall?


[Another] Woodard Weekend Wrap-Up

I have been anticipating this weekend for weeks.  And I am sad to see it gone so quickly.  But isn’t how we feel most Sunday nights or most Monday mornings when the dreadful sound of the alarm goes off before you are ready to pull yourself out of bed and start another week?

Anyways… More about the highly anticipated and wonderfully spend weekend!

  1. My parents came and stayed in Vermillion. After living here for over a year, my parents finally made it to our home and life in Vermillion.  I was planning the day the would come for month – thinking through all the places I would take them, what we would eat, and all the things we would do.  I took them to Mr. Smith’s, a bakery and sandwich shop in an ACE hardware store for lunch.  We were inspired for holiday and home decor at Wilson’s Florist – a floral shop, gift shop, with a little boutique.  Then we went to Cafe Brule for a warm cup of coffee, more specifically a roasted marshmallow latte.
  2. A Weekend of Volleyball.  My parents visit was planned around a tournament my sister was playing in NE.  So part of Friday and ALL of Saturday we cheered on Sami and the Knights.  I was so glad I finally got to watch her play at the college level and meet her team.  #Welove#7
  3. More Fall Decor.  A visit with my parents is alway accompanied with their generosity and gift.  Check out these cute pumpkins my mom made for fall decorations. [Maybe you want one too…]
  4. 3 tests in 9 days.  David has been dedicated to his books and notes.  I now think his iPad is attached to his hand.  We keep reminding each other that the next 9 days are going to be rough, but after that he’ll have a week off with zero school obligations!

Woodard Weekend Wrap-Up

A Woodard Weekend Wrap-Up is farrrr over due.  So I will post about two weekends in one.

Last weekend and this weekend has been some of the best.  David has been able to take off one night of studying (soon to change with upcoming Mid-Terms + Foundations 1 Exam).  We learned the hard way,  that these nights off need to be planned and intentional or we’ll both walk away feeling robbed of our date night.  For example, watching a movie at our house for a date is code for “Tanya will fall asleep within the first twenty minutes”.  And that equates to zero quality time.

  1. A “hawt’ date.  Last weekend David and I went out for dinner for our favorite food, Mexican!   It was a much needed dinner after two grueling weeks of studying.
  2. Our second trip to Ponca.  We first went to Ponca part over Easter when David’s dad came to Vermillion.  The trees were still bare, but the State Park was beautiful and a place we wanted to visit again.  Since we never made it over the summer, an early fall hike was in order to take in the vibrant colors fall colors and enjoy the minimal days of sunshine left.
  3. A watercoloring workshop. The Vermillion Public Library partnered with the Vermillion Arts Council to host monthly art workshops.  This month just so happened to be watercoloring!  I learned some basic techniques and must have supplies.  Two hours was not enough time to learn + create a piece of art.  I’m thinking Talens Watercolor Set will be on my birthday/ Christmas list this year.
  4. Campfire, Beef Hotdogs, Apple Cider, and Good Company.  Saturday night, David and I drove to Yankton to meet some friends who were squeezing in one last camping trip for dinner.  We filled ourselves with vegis + hummas, watermelon, and beef dogs.

As a side note, I did document 3 out of 4 of theses happenings…Hooray for setting goals!


October Goals

My housemate, turned roommate, turned friend (a story for another post) + blogging pal Lindsay at Martin Marriage Chronicles introduce me to many blogs that I make sure I visit as I eat my scrambled eggs and coffee before work.  One of them being Oak&Oats.  After faithfully reading this blog for a month, I was encouraged by her monthly goal setting + overview of her month.  I decided to follow suit – making a list of my own monthly goals.

Too often I have these rambling thoughts of things I want to try or projects that need to get done, but they never go beyond the ramblings or daydreams.  Largely due to the fact that I never write them down, thus have no accountability.

So here it goes to making my month a little more memorable, purposeful, and practical.


1. Take more pictures.  I am so bad at taking pictures to capture special moments.  Or pictures that offer a snap shot into everyday life.  You would think it would be easy since my camera is on my smartphone.  Not. The. Case.  I want to document as least one picture a week for the month of October.  My real goal is to be really, really good at taking picture to start LifeProject.

2. Find a creative outlet. I am aching for a creative outlet of some sort.  Scrolling through Pinterest only makes the desire burn brighter.  Any ideas of what I could try?  I’m needing something that is easy on a budget.  Maybe watercoloring, calligraphy, knitting, etc.

3. Blog more.  I haven’t figured out what is realistic goal for blogging.  I either set the expectation to blog more too high or I quickly start second guessing myself on my post topics.  I have yet to finish my 30 Days of Gratitude, maybe I’ll start there..

4. “Have coffee” with a new friend.  My biggest let-down living in Vermillion, which is home to a University is the lack of coffee shops to hang out in with a friend.  The coffee shops here are even less ideal for a good study session.  Going to college in Boulder and working with the Navs at Wyoming, I loved trying to coffee shops and exploring them with friends.  So I’ve had to think outside the box–Where can I hang out with new friends?  What can I do with new friends?  I want to ask either a woman from my church or someone I meet at the gym “out for coffee”.

5. Organize my closet.  Another one of my favorite blogs to keep up on is un-fancy.  It is one of the best fashion blogs I have read and feel as though I can accomplish some of the concepts she does in my own wardrobe and lifestyle.  I would love to go through my closest, throwing things away + making room for new fall clothes.

What are some of your October goals?