joy’s thief.

Just write.

That’s what I had to tell myself to do.

“You haven’t blogged anything recently,” David mentioned in our now passing conversations.  He officially started classes last week and with a quiz almost every Monday, studying has been in full swing.

Truth be told, I haven’t had much of a passion to write.  As I sit on my computer and read blogs others write, I quickly retreat, thinking I don’t have anything worth sharing.  I don’t have a strong opinion or knowledge about the best beauty products or latest fashion trends.  I’m not a gifted photographer.  My cooking is not anything special, or unique.  My hobbies or skills have not be perfected to be anything close to lucrative as these other blogs.  Well, no wonder my passion to write or blog has gone out the window – I have compared myself to everyone else and have it stuck in my mind  that in order to be a sucessful blogger or a blogger who others would follow, I have to do EVERYTHING that EVERYONE else is doing, and I have to do it WELL.

And then I had to ask myself, why I started blogging in the first place.  I started because I wanted to document life happening now. Life as a wife. Sister. Daughter. Friend. And Child of the King.  When I remembered that, everything about the blogging world seems so much smaller.  And everything about God’s story so much bigger.


For we are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

Ephesians 2:10

That very realization, that we are HIS workmanship gave me joy, purpose, and freedom.  It gave me joy in who I am. Gave purpose to my day. And freedom to not be perfect, but to be God’s work of art, which HE prepared in his infinite wisdom.

For me it was comparing myself to other bloggers; sometimes its comparing our stage of life, our possessions, our talents, our appearance to others’.  Whatever it is you compare, you are robbing yourself of joy and the fullness of Christ who is at work in you.

Comparision robs joy

So what would happen if we stopped comparing ourselves to others?

I can tell you as soon as I stopped comparing my blog to all of the wonderful blogs out there, God gave me something to write about and my creativity started bloom.  Just think if I stopped comparing my appearance to CoverGirl, I would embrace my curly, sometimes unruly hair.  If I stopped wishing to be in another stage of life, I would enjoy all that is happening now.  And if I stopped comparing my hobbies or talents to what other people have chosen, I might find some creative outlet or something else that I’m skilled in.

And the opportunity to really find joy in who God created us to be will flourish.


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