three gifts of enthusiasm

Vigor. Passion. Zeal. All are synonyms for enthusiasm.  They each carry the meaning of intensity.  So what are gifts that show an intense emotion for enjoyment, interest, or approval?

  1. A Puppy’s Zeal.  I love the pursuit they have to fetch a toy or play keep away.  They never shy away from any interaction they can receive.  It’s hard not to love a fluffy, fur ball who enthusiastically loves.  This week while in Brookings we played with a Corgi-poo.  David is really softening up to dogs.
  2. Vigor in group fitness.  This summer I started teaching group fitness classes to coincide with my personal training.  It’s been a bit of a learning curve and has really stretched my comfort level instructing and leading others.  But despite that, it has been a joy to witness the intensity a group of individuals can bring to a workout.  They are all enthusiastic for a good workout.
  3. My mom’s passion.   Anyone who knows her, knows that she has a green thumb and creative eye. She’s always had a passion for flowers and has been enthusiastic for every opportunity for be a florist for various weddings.  Creating the most beautiful bouquets and detailed boutonnieres.

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