Red, White, and Blue + Gifts of Persistence

View More: ocean 14erIt’s going to be two in one today.  The 4th of July festivities and lack of internet availability while we are in Brookings, SD prevented me from posting my gifts of joy yesterday.

Red, White, and Blue

  1. My Red USD t-shirts.  Since moving to Vermillion my collection of red shirts quickly went from zero to enough to wear each day without having to do any laundry.  I wear these shirts for personal training at the USD Wellness Center, a job that has given so much joy and excitement with each client and bootcamp.
  2. White Wedding DressA year and a half ago I got to wear the most beautiful white dress.  I said “I do” in this dress and David told me I looked like a rose.  And months before fastening the crystal buttons, I spent the day with my mom, sister, and grandma trying on dress after dress before finding the prefect one.
  3. The Blue Ocean. My favorite scene is the ocean.  The unseen depth and the expanse of the shades of blue leaves me speechless every time my toes sink in the sand as the coolness of the water reaches my ankles.

Gifts of Persistence

  1. As demonstrated by my husband.  David has shown so much persistence during this long medical school process.  Even after a falling one spot short last year, multiple applications and interviews David continued to better his resume and faithfully obey God’s plan for him to practice medicine.  Although the application process is over and he begins classes at the end of this month, his persistence will continue with endless hours of studying.
  2. Hiking a 14er.  This took so much persistence, but it was worth every temperature change in elevation, shortness of breath, and rocky terrain.  A breathtaking view awaited and a sense of accomplishment lingered with each step on the descent.
  3. In our marriage.  Working out disagreements or miscommunication and the persistence it takes to understand each other.  Its a quality in our marriage that will set the tone as our family grows.

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