July Joy Dare

As I was scrolling through my facebook newsfeed, I stumbled across a dare. A dare to journal. A dare to be joyful. A dare that would take nothing, but leave me with 93 reasons to be thankful.  And a habit that will cultivate joy in God.

The post was a link to Ann Vosckamp’s joy dare.  Although the dare was made for everyday of every month starting in January.  Why not start now?

Each day in July, I will post Ann’s prompt and write my 3 gifts of gratitude.

3 Gifts Read

  1. Reading dates with David.  We are traveling to Brookings today for the 4th of July weekend.  One of my most treasured memories going to David’s hometown is ordering a White Mocha at Cottonwood Bistro, pulling out my book from my well-used purple book back, and reading page after page while David sips his smoothie, reading his book.
  2. Book Lists. I’ve had a lot of times on my hands this summer and that has equated to reading, reading, and reading.  Currently, I am making a book list alternating between classics I never read and today’s top sellers.  Right now I’m divulging into the words written by John Steinbeck in East of Eden.  My next novel is The Fault of Our Stars by John Green.
  3. Verses in Ephesians. Our church is just starting a series on Ephesians.  While we are studying Paul’s letter, I’m committing to read out of Ephesians each day.  There is no greater joy than reading God’s word.

I dare you to comment your gifts of joy.


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