this summer

With summer comes sun tans and country tunes.  At least it did for me growing up in Colorado.  Summer also meant trips to the lake, countless hours at volleyball and basketball camps, movie dates with friends.  And as I have gotten older, summers continued to stay busy like the rest of the year.  I was either traveling overseas or working a summer job.  One summer I was even planning a wedding.

This summer has taken a different route.

The hopes of finding another part-time job have gone by unrealized.  In South Dakota there have been more rainy days than sunny days.  And my free time has been in abundance.  For a girl who is always on the go and who has put a lot of self worth in productivity and work, free time has not been a time of joyous rest, but rather anxious guilt.  I am chained by the need to work and sit in the company of guilt.

And so I ask the question,

How do I rest while using my time well?

I am free from the identity of work.  And so I rest by I submitting myself to Christ, who gave himself for my sins, delivered me from the present evil age, and made me a daughter of God. I am at liberty to use my free time to glorify God (Galatians 1:10) and to serve others (Galatians 5:13).


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