On May 24, my baby sister graduated from high school.  I remember my brother and I teasing her, “the year 2014 is so far from now,” back when we graduation in ’06 and ’08.  The teasing continued as she realized Nick and I would both graduate twice before she graduated once.  But the day finally came.  Sami accepted her diploma, walked the halls one last time, and opened the door to new beginnings.

I am the sister who worries about her sister’s future, who wants her to succeed, and experience as little pain (if any) in life as possible.  But graduation doesn’t represent worries or a life free from experiencing all the human emotions.  If anything the graduating possess the spectrum of human emotion.  There is happiness in celebrating with family and friends.  There are tears in remembering the good and bad of high school.  There is fear in facing the unknown future.  There is humility in recognizing the accomplishments made were from someone’s sacrifice.  And there is pure joy in life as steps are taken to discover self and define purpose.

I am proud of you Sam Bam.  My hope for you, and any one else graduating whether high school or college, is to truly experience this life chapter.   Don’t let those emotions ruin the experience or run tyrant, but bring them to the foot of the cross.  If there is fear, tell your Savior.  If there is joy, present it to the King.



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