Digging Deeper

Monday was  my first day back to work after a wonder, extended weekend of spring break.  And Sunday night I could already feel my skin crawl with irritation.  I don’t want to go back to work.  I want one more day at home, one more day relaxing with zero obligation or responsibility.  The wearisome of the week ahead was so overwhelming, I found it difficult to enjoy my final evening.  David continually asked me, “Tanya, what is on your mind?”  “Is something wrong?”  The anxiety was written all over my face and it dictated the my mood.  The list of anxious toil was beginning, and I was caught in the self-woven web.  Why is it so easy for me to make a list of things that boil my blood?

I did not want my week to be robbed of joy.  I do not want to be wishing for the weekend, just to see it pass by as quickly as the last.  I want to enjoy they day, with a positive outlook, and contagious-upbeat attitude.  Not fake or pretending to be happy, but realizing all there is to be thankful for.  So this week, I decided to dig deeper.  Thanking God and others for everything that comes to mind.

A list of to-dos that can be crossed off
Smiles I receive from the kids at work
Earl Gray Tea
Clean sheets
Finishing laundry
Seeing my sister on Thursday (WAHOOO!)
Soap for dishes
Reading “Into the Wild” by Jack London
Trying new recipes, and having a husband willing to test them out
…the list can go on!


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